WIT Nodak Flickertails Valley City September Campout Schedule of Events

Ok Guys and Gals. Labor Day is done. The novice vacationers are now off the road so it is time for us to do our September outing. The general agenda is that the Tuesday, 9/10/19, arrivals at East Ashtabula Crossing Campground are free to arrive early or late and sit around absorbing the autumn lake view at their leisure and/or galivant about the picturesque country side.
Wednesday, 9/11/19 will see the remaining arrivals of our folks, some early, some late. There will be the usual gathering of lawn chairs with cracker munchies, goldfish and other useless nibbles during the afternoon. Occupants of those chairs will be seen discussing health issues, well-being, RVing, and other lies.
At 5:30, we will drive or walk to a rib-eye steak dinner, with baked potato, and delightful salad pre-arranged meal for 19.95 at the Ashtabula Crossing Café. This is unique folks. The café is a mom and pop affair with good food. This is a quaint, rustic, picturesque, bait shop, convenience store, fish house, bar, pool table, very friendly kind of place with a lakeside view where 13 people will just about fill the place. Let me know who can’t absolutely stomach a rib eye dinner, and maybe they could handle one or two alternative meals. Otherwise I will schedule 13 dinners. The rib-eye dinner is the master chef’s idea because he has some excellent cuts on hand, will grill if weather allows, and because limited staff would make multiple and varied menu orders impossible to service well.
Thursday, 9/12/19, 8:30 will be breakfast at the roofed nearby shelter of waffles and sausages A La Mark (with some clumsy assistance by Myron) Bring your own dishes. We will ask Donna to have a pot of coffee on just outside her nearby camper. Real simple breakfast because Mark and Myron are on a diet. (Like that will happen)
Thursday, 9/12/19 12:00 noon, we will car caravan to the Baldhill Dam Recreation Area for a picnic. This is about an 8 miles trip and I’m guessing that Myron, Donna, Willie and Hilley will have tow vehicles. Myron will provide bread, butter, cold cuts, cheese, peanut butter, jelly, mustard, catchup, mayo, chips, and fruit to make your own sandwiches. Bring your own utensils, plates, drinks and lawn chairs. This is a relaxing location to sit, walk, site see for such busy people as we are.
From this dam location (notice: no n) there are options for the afternoon. Some may want to motor into Valley City, about 9 miles via River Road, to visit antique shops, or buy more things we don’t have room for. We are on our own. The Medicine Wheel Park on the hill near the interstate is interesting for its beauty, history and science. Valley City State College is interesting nestled into the hillside. Valley City is the city of bridges so some might have fun trying to find all 8 of them. Pizza Corner is on Main Street where Zubrod started this business, in the seventies, and now every bar in the country has plastic wrapped ready to cook pizzas. I think he sold the business but kept the corner restaurant. ???? I would advise against climbing the Hi-Line Bridge. If you must, Willie will give climbing lessons. The Sheyenne River Valley is a picturesque drive from Sibley to Fort Ransom. Maybe some want to drive to Kathryn for the views. This is a scenic by way per Rand McNally.
Ashtabula is Indian for “Fish River” The valley was important to them as a traveling landmark North to South because even Indians could get lost in the adjacent flat lands of endless seas of grass. Baldhill Dam was built to control down stream flooding of the many early settlers who years ago preferred the richness of river bottoms for fertility and water access. The Sheyenne drains out of Devils Lake, travels South to the Lisbon area, again North to Fargo where it joins the Red River and eventually drains into Hudson Bay. It is interesting that not too far to the West is the James River Basin which drains southward to the Missouri River and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico forming a continental divide in “flat” North Dakota.
Shut up Myron. Where were we. Oh yeah:
Thursday night we will car pool to the City Lights Restaurant on the hill overlooking Valley City. If weather permits we will have nightly campfires but have to buy their wood.
Friday, 9/13/19, 8:30 AM Breakfast the usual clean out your fridge bring what you want for group sharing. Notice we don’t have food assignments. A dessert here and there might be great! Feel free to bring some embellishment if you must. But none is asked.
We’ll figure in a meeting sometime when convenient. Remember that this is when we plan the 2020 outings so bring your ideas. Thanks.
Travel Safely.