Wednesday 5-18-2016 4e Winery

3 more members checked in Wednesday, Bob and Gloria, Mark and Anne, Chris and Joyce.

WIT Signs
WIT Member Plaques and Flags


Most are parked on the north side where some of the sites are full hookup with 50 amp electricity, water and sewer. The rest are 30 amp electric only. In total there are 16 sites with 8 being full hookup and 8 30 mp electric only. Chris and Joyce parked in the picnic area next to the building which has a 30 amp receptacle. Bob and Gloria, John and Cathy and Mark and Anne are parked on the south side.


At 3:15 PM we went to the 4e Winery for wine tasting and evening meal. We set up the food on the deck on the south side. Some went in to the tasting room and some did the tasting on the deck. Tasting cost $5 for 5 wines or $10 for all 14. To me, all the wines were excellent. i especially liked Bison Tale.


Several member bought wine related items and bottles of wine. Greg and Lisa were excellent hosts. Greg gave us a tour of the where they make the wine.

Wine Tasting at 4e Winery
Greg and Lisa owners of 4e and Cathy Tasting


We went back to Brewer lake and had dessert and played a game Cathy created, Called “Who Am I.” Members submitted 5 clues about themselves and Cathy read them one at a time. Each member was given 5 pretzels as tokens and a whistle. As Cathy read the clues from hard to easy to guess, member whistled hen the thought they had the answer. A wrong guess cost a pretzel. Hardest clue guessed correctly payed 5 pretzels down to 1 pretzel for the easy clue. At the end the person with the most pretzels won a bottle of Muscato wine. The winner was Judy.


Once the wind died down we had a campfire on the south side between John and Cathy and Mark and Anne’s motor homes. Myron brought a lot o wood from the farm. some sat out until about 11:00 PM.


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