WIT Nodak Flickertails August 2019 New Rockford Campout

Weather should be very nice, mostly sunny in the mid 70’s
We are expecting 9 coaches, 15 attendees:
John and Helen Evans, Donna Grunett, Mark Collins, Chris and Joyce Hess, Vern and Doris Jewitt, Bob and Gloria Danielson, Myron DeMers, Jerry and Colleen Bitker, John and Cathy Hilley
Unfortunately, Adam & Judy Leier and Denis & Betty LeBrun will not be able to join us.  Adam has a broken hip due to a fall, and is recovering in Bismarck.  Betty also fell, and has a broken arm, and she and Denis both have broken hearts because their sweet puppy Ginger has died.  We will miss these friends.  Denis and Betty want to come to New Rockford so Betty can go to the musical on Wednesday night, but won’t be camping with us.
We will be able to use the Main Fairgrounds Building
Eddy County Fairgrounds Satellite ViewWe will be parking between the 6 buildings and the ball field
If you need any last minute items, there is a Miller’s Super Market & Dollar General in New Rockford
Schedule and Food Requests
Tuesday Aug 6  (Early Arrival)
Happy HourSupper
Taco Salad – Donna is making taco meat.  John & Cathy will bring lettuce, black olives, taco sauce, tortilla chips, cheeseAnyone else coming?    

Wednesday Aug 7 (Campout Day 1)
  3:00 pm  WIT Nodak Flickertails August Meeting  4:00 pm  Happy Hour  5:45 pm  Dinner at the Latte Lobby in the Theater basement  7:30 pm  DPCRA production of “Oklahoma” at the Old Church Theater

Thursday Aug 8 (Campout Day 2) 
 9:00 am  Breakfast
        Hosts will provide Krause Sausage, Hash Browns, Little Smokies        Eggs – Mark        Fruit – Myron        Anything you want to share
  Noon – Lunch on your own or maybe a group going to local cafe
 1:00 pm Eddy County Museum Tour 4:00 pm Happy Hour
 6:00 pm  Supper
        Hosts will provide Pork Loin Roast        Potato Salad – Helen & John        Cole Slaw – Doris & Vern         Beans – Gloria & Bob        Bread – Chris & Joyce        Watermelon – Myron        Dessert – Bob and Gloria        Anything you want to share
Friday Aug 8  (Campout Day 3)
 9:00 am  Breakfast
        Hosts will provide Cinnamon and Caramel Rolls from the New Rockford Baker’s Dozen Bakery        Pot Luck/Leftovers/Empty the Frig/Anything you want to share
Please bring your own plates, silverware, beverages and napkins for meals.
Any tables or sun shade or umbrellas that you can bring will be appreciated