WIT Nodak Flickertails May 30, 2019 Campout Meeting Minutes

May 30, 2019

President Myron DeMers called the meeting to order, prayer was given by Doris Jewett.

The secretary’s minutes for the September meeting at Devils Lake were passed around, motion by Doris Jewett seconded by Cathy Hilley to approve the minutes, motion carried.

Treasurer, Mark Collins, reported a beginning balance of (from September 2018): $1091.67

            Fees collected (for host)       $25.00         
Expense:     Doris Jewett, gift card        $25.00
            Allen Belyea, gift      10.00       -35.00              
Ending Balance      $1081.67

There was further discussion as to whether or not to collect fees for the hostess expense, motion by John Hilley to collect fees per campout, $5.00 each RV, clarification by Cathy Hilley, the hosts will split the money. Seconded by Mark, motion carried. Motion by Judy Leier to keep host fee at $50, so the fees collected will go to treasury and treasury will issue a $25. Check to each host (2). Betty LeBrun seconded; motion carried.




SUNSHINE COMMITTEE:  . Joyce Hesse read the card from Donna Grunett, thanking the club for the lovely green plant sent to Ed Grunett’s funeral.  Doris Jewett thanked the club for gift she received and Gloria Danielson  thanked the club for gift she received.


GNR:   None

EXCELLENCE AWARD:   President Myron DeMers said there no longer is an Excellence Award  and Cathy Hilley will no longer have to fill out the application for the award.

OLD BUSINESS: President Myron Demers had a membership update: Of all the letters he sent to list of owners of new Winnebagos sold list, he has not received a positive response. He said Willie Blumhardt has talked to a person from South Dakota that showed some interest; this person wants to park in the ND row at GNR. President Myron also reminded us of the gift certificates he still has from Fargo Adventure RV (about 4 ranging from $150 to $50). Should anyone obtain new members, they are entitled to one of these gift certificates. Motion by Cathy Hilley to award Willie Blumhardt a certificate should he recruit a new member, seconded by Vern Jewett, motion carried.


2019 CAMPOUTS: all dates are Wednesday and Thursday, leaving Friday morning.

JUNE   -  19th & 20th  -  DICKINSON – North Park,  HOSTS:  Evans and Danielsons

JULY  -        GNR -  There are 5 RV’s going.  Joyce made a motion not to rent tables at GNR, seconded by Chris, motion carried.  Helen will make the calls again for giveaway products; from the pasta folks, Sunbutter, Sunseeds, etc.  This is GNR;s 50th anniversary, their theme is “Bound by the W”.

AUGUST - date changed to 7th & 8th   from  21st & 22nd  - NEW ROCKFORD, this is to take in the play Oklahoma ($25.00), Motion by Jody Leier to make this change, seconded by Chris Hesse, motion carried.  We will camp at their new campground, Bison Lodge---  HOSTS:  Hilleys and Donna Grunett.  John Hilley will send out the information on the tickets and campground.      

SEPTEMBER  11TH & 12TH   - somewhere around VALLEY CITY, Myron DeMers will check on a campground.  Hosts to be determined later.                             

In the future, we should consider Canada, Minnesota and SDak as places for campouts

FOR THE GOOD OF THE CLUB and other news:

This evening, we are going into Casselton for 6 pm pizza at Red Baron. Joyce has announced that her silent auction will close at 9 pm this evening, when we get home from the Red Baron.

After a closing prayer by Bob Danielson, Vern Jewett made a motion to adjourn, seconded by John Hilley, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Grunett

Donna’s Campout notes:
The weather was pretty decent for a change, could actually hangout outside. There was a couple of repairs occurring in the campground, Myron had a couple of nice campfires.
Jane & Juan Rosales and their granddaughter met us for supper at the Red Baron, which was a busy place, think they only burned two pizzas.

Members present at May 2019 camp-out:

Donna Grunett       Mark Collins
Vern & Doris Jewett     Adam & Judy Leier
John & Cathy Hilley     Bob & Gloria Danielson
Denis & Betty LeBrun        Joyce & Chris Hesse
    Myron DeMers and guest, Donna Steinkopf

John & Cathy came for the meeting and for supper in Casselton.